TITLE: Disorder

GENRE: Literary Fiction

Depressed and anxious from years of social isolation and bullying, 30-year old Claire Walker’s tentative grip on emotional stability is further strained when her father, William – a theoretical physicist – dies without warning.

While recovering from a migraine at her father’s wake, she discovers his last, unpublished work; a controversial model of the universe, which if proved, would challenge our most fundamental notions – not only of space and time – but of life itself. Claire’s own life is a tale of distortion – of giftedness masked by disability – and she seizes upon the manuscript as her Raison d’Etre. To have a hand in its publication would reconcile a lifetime of pain and self-doubt.

On the day of William’s funeral, Claire’s new-found purpose is challenged when she receives a conflicting account of her father’s work. What she ultimately chooses to believe will either set her on a path of healing or spiraling out of control.



TITLE: Tears of Innana (Series)
GENRE: Supernatural/Vampire

Meet Innana, a Sumerian woman whose destiny is to become one of the world’s most ancient and revered goddesses. A strong, independent, and fiercely sensual being, her exploits earn her a reputation for inciting political discord, and violence often follows in her wake. She is deified: the embodiment of love, beauty, sexuality, and war.

Her refusal to abide by convention, her unparalleled seductive charm, and intellectual prowess threaten Sumer’s burgeoning patriarchal order, and she is brutally slain at the age of  seventeen.

She enters the underworld and revives, three days later, with newfound strength, and an insatiable thirst for blood…

Book I – Queen of Heaven   *   Book II – Sun, Moon, Stars   *   Book III – The Tiger and the Lotus   *   Book IV – Lion of Judah   *    Book V – Rise of the Kings   *   Book VI – Thieves in the Temple   *   Book VII – Kybele  *  Book VIII – Mistress of Dread  *  Book IX – I Am Woman, Hear Me  *  Book X – Return of the Queen

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é·tude is an exquisitely hand-crafted, limited edition chapbook featuring a collection of original erotic poems and artful photography.



Self/Less explores identity through the experiences that shape us, and reflects on the timeless themes of family, love, loss, and renewal.

The following excerpt is titled, Heredity.


An echo of the past

betrays a future bound by hope

A violence unleashed by tongues

Man swallows his words

Chokes on the bile

of his childhood wounds

Bitter seeds take root and sprout

and overbearing branches

snap the little bones like twigs

Mothers, dried of tears

sip gin and look away

pleas, unanswered

The silence before the storm

of self-destruction or retaliation

© Nikki S Hunter, 2018