Little Things…

I had forgotten how good life is when it’s caffeinated…but, I can drink coffee now. I say again, I CAN DRINK COFFEE!

I’ve been indulging in coffee the last two weeks (let’s be honest, one or two cups of roughly equal parts coffee and creamer) without any problems. The big Starbucks premade latte gives me enough caffeine and flavor to scratch that itch, and I can even enjoy a Diet Coke now and again.

I know it’s the most trivial thing in the world, especially since I had myself weaned off the chemical (in fact, I had a headache for half a day yesterday before I realized it was caffeine withdrawal), but I really do love coffee…the aroma, the nutty bitterness, the steam rising from the cup…

And when the reality that’s waiting outside your door is -10 degrees before wind chill, that cupful of love is just what you need to face the day.

I realize how precarious my coffee-drinking career is, so I’m intent on keeping other food triggers out of the equation. Since this was the third time I’ve had a GERD flare-up, I’m better off maintaining a restricted diet, and being selective about ‘treating myself’. Like the saying goes – live and learn.

Now, if I can just get my thyroid straightened out…



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