Magic, Indeed

The process of becoming who we really are is painful and scary. I can imagine nothingĀ  more tragic than doing it alone.

How many of us are fortunate; we had a parent or teacher or other role model from whom we gained a template for our journey, or by whom we were encouraged. Someone believed in us, so we believed in ourselves.

People say there’s no magic in the world, but they’re wrong, and they don’t even grasp the irony of their delusion.

There is power – magic – in words, and the belief that underlies them. Words are never neutral. They possess either a positive or negative charge.

If we take this analogy to a practical conclusion, we might be inspired to embrace the magic of encouragement, of positive reinforcement, and peace-making. Think of what might happen if we all started telling one another, ‘you’ve got this’ and ‘you’re stronger than you think’?

What if we started telling the truth, and admitted we’re scared, we’re worried we’ll be humiliated, and that all our chest-thumping is nothing more than an act to disguise our insecurity?

What if we unleashed the awesome power of a heartfelt apology? Or even better, an ‘I forgive you’?

Think of the outrageous possibilities.


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