Lofty Goals

Okay, so I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to have a sense of direction for the year ahead. And, I’m a list-maker, so I compiled a list of accomplishments I’d like to cross off (or, at least demonstrate some percentage toward completion) by the end of the year.

The most significant progress I’d like to see is with my writing. In 2016, I was just hammering out the basics of my first full-length novel (Disorder). In 2017, I made a lot of progress early on, but my first major edit cut a third of my word-count. I shocked myself into Writer’s Block, and I struggled there for months. Toward the end of that year, I found some momentum through additional editing, but generating new content still called for energy I didn’t have. Last year, I distracted myself with blogging on behalf of my brother-in-law. For several months, I wrote travel and dining articles. Eventually, my interest in that fizzled out. In November, (and after so long without any meaningful headway on my story), I became inspired for a whole series of new novels; coincidentally, the inspiration struck when I was starting a 10-week writing course. I’ve since spent time plotting out my new novels, but the lion’s share of my focus is on Disorder. I’m determined to make 2019 the year I finish. I want every chapter in ‘Revised Draft’ status, ready for beta readers. In 2020, I want it ready to submit to an editor.

I’ll be looking for my first rejection letter in 2021.

There’s a ton of work left to do on Disorder, and I’m still in the novice stage of writing as a craft. I have so much to learn, so I’ll need education to support my goals.

Writing Goals:

  • Read 50 pages/day (literary fiction especially, writing instruction, etc)
  • Write 2000 words/day (includes blog posts and poetry)
  • Disorder: Completed first draft by end of year
  • Tears of Innana series: Completed first draft of Book I by end of year
  • Formal Study: At least 3 classes (devoted to character development, plot, structure, etc.)

Other Goals:

  • Learn Spanish
    • Duolingo practice – 20 mins/day
  • Marbling
    • 4 – 6 open sessions in 2019
    • Home studio set up by end of year
  • Rope Bondage
    • Practice – 20 mins/day
    • Re-learn basic knots
    • Learn 5 ties by end of year
  • Spanking/flogging
    • Practice – 20 mins/day
    • Learn Florentine flogging by end of year
  • Fitness
    • 20 mins/day
    • Barre, yoga, weights, isometrics
    • Gain/Maintain weight ~ 122 lbs


I have relationship goals, too, which I might phrase better as self-expectations. These are the behaviors I wish to see myself exhibiting consistently. The key to becoming a better version of myself lies in action. I am what I do every day.

  • Remember to step into others’ shoes; consider my words and actions from others’ perspectives
  • Remember to stay present-focused; BE in the now
  • Trust in the power of presence – words are not always necessary
  • Encourage others to take risks and try new things
  • Listen with openness and non-judgment
  • Consider the possibility I am wrong/in the wrong
  • Find more opportunities to do for others; cleaning, errands, etc
  • Find more opportunities to laugh, play, and encourage the inner child
  • Be joyful and grateful
  • Acknowledge and celebrate others’ success


There are a few other things I’m thinking about. I need to work on my anxiety with driving and also with being around new people. I’d also like to cut my personal spending in half (or better).

I think that’s a pretty solid list to start.

What do you want to achieve this year?

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