Flashing the BIOS

As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, It’s that time of year where the urge to hibernate overwhelms me, and my ability to find pleasure in particular things like sex diminishes.

Well, I’ve been trying to take the situation into hand, so to speak.

One of the coping methods I learned in DBT is a technique called Opposite Action. Essentially, whatever strong emotion takes hold of you, you react oppositely. If I feel scared, I make myself stand my ground, etc.

So, since my libido has been in the tank for the last two months (probably longer), I tried a few hard reboots this last week to see if my system just needed to reset.

Sometimes my body is a real #!@#%*^.

Guys: you should be so happy you don’t have to work for an orgasm. I doubt the pleasure centers of your brains would allow you to reach the edge of climax, only to then evaporate your arousal and make you start all over…four or five or more times in succession.

Given other changes I’m experiencing, I’m certain hormonal shifts play a part. At a recent appointment, my OBGYN told me the majority of older women don’t pursue estrogen replacement, and most stop having sex within five years after menopause. I was crushed, and now I’m sold on HRT. I enjoy having a sex life – even if it’s out of order right now.

There is something youth-keeping about physical intimacy; it promotes better self-care. My motivation to remain physically desirable and capable of enjoying sex ensures I’m dieting and exercising to stay in good shape. I suspect I’ll need to ramp this up even more when menopause actually hits. I’m not looking forward to The Change’s effects.

But, I digress…

On Monday I received a text from my lover, whom I’ve not seen for a few months, and we decided to meet. It seemed we were both in need of a good, old-fashioned humping. Today my hips are sore and my back twinges, but I feel more myself than I have in weeks.

I guess the reset button was down there all along.


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