A Snowflake in December

I feel sorry for my husband and boyfriend. They really put up with so much from me. Especially when I hit my physical limits. My sensitivities can be challenging enough, but stress in general is something my body struggles to cope with. Certain times of year (like winter) can make it even worse.

WARNING: Rant follows…

Between a writing class, Nanowrimo, and prepping a manuscript for submission, I developed tendonitis in both wrists the week after Thanksgiving, so writing has been, well…OW.

Last weekend, while at my boyfriend’s, I also managed to trigger an episode of reflux, so between the esophageal spasms and wrist pain (and subsequent headache that set in with lancing pain in my left eyeball), I had a complete physical meltdown, and was just shy of tears. Needless to say, I cut our weekend short, which is a disappointment for everyone.

And, did I mention my Seasonal Affective Disorder? I’m a lot less fun to be around when the days get so short. The only thing sexy about me in winter is my socks.

I really am just about the perfect example of a snowflake. I have so many things wrong with me but none of them are bad enough to be of concern – it’s just lots of annoying discomforts and pains, so as much as I whine about them I have to admit, I’m still damn lucky.

All the same, I’d really love to talk to someone about a trade-in!


4 thoughts on “A Snowflake in December

  1. Sean D. Layton says:

    What kind of keyboard do you use? I developed carpal tunnel from working at jobs where I typed all day. The pain got so bad I stopped typing with my right hand which was an inefficient solution. Desperate, I finally switched to an ergonomic keyboard and it made a world of difference for me. I bought a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000. The split key configuration was a little weird to adapt to but it lets your wrists rest at a natural angle instead of having to cock them in at the angle a regular keyboard make you adopt. Also, it’s got an attachment you can put at the front that makes it level. That, along with the spacious wrist-rest at the front lets your arms rest level while you type. It took me a little while to adapt to, but now typing on a regular keyboard is awkward.

    I also use a Microsoft Sculpt wireless keyboard for one of my laptops that I have set up on a small desk. It’s smaller but has an ergonomic design. I got a combo kit that came with an ergonomic wireless map. The laptop that I use at work, I use the bigger Natural 4000 and also for my home PC as well.

    I use a mix of PCs and MacBooks, and the keyboards work with both types.

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