Thanksgiving, 2018

This year was my first attempt at hosting Thanksgiving. I even cooked a turkey, which I’ve never done before. It turned out perfect. No one had any of it, of course, because we already had so much food set out, it was forgotten.

It was the first time my mom has seen my dad in a while, and also her first chance to get to know my dad’s new wife (four years new, but this is progress in my family).

It was a busy, busy day. I didn’t get up until six, so there were a few things not quite ready when folks showed up, but all in all, it went smoothly. We had lots of delicious food, and folks had a good time. Wore me the hell out, but I was so pleased by how it went, I think I’m up to doing it again. Maybe Easter?

The only disappointments were the absences of loved ones. We miss our son. My father-in-law was feeling ill and couldn’t attend. And my dad and step-mom both had to work, and could only visit a short while. But, the day was as whole and perfect as it could be without them.

I am so grateful for my family, for the opportunity to bring my loved ones together, and for the prosperity to host a gathering with such an abundance of food. I know that I’ve never been in a position to truly appreciate these many blessings. I’ve never known poverty or need as so many people in this world do.

I try to be mindful of how much I have, because I really do have a lot, and I know it’s easy to take our advantages for granted.

I just need to remind myself every day: Life is good. Be thankful.



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