The Writer’s Work

I recently subscribed to AutoCrit, a style and editing tool for writers, and wow, the analysis it provides is amazing. I uploaded my first chapter, and was thrilled with my result on the summary level but agog when the detail listed more than 500 instances of weak writing, like passive voice and repetitive words. Thankfully, it highlights them in a text editor, so revision is easy.

Nanowrimo is only two weeks away, so I hope to finish Chapter 1 this week and Chapter 2, next. Talk about ruthless editing. *sigh*

It’s hard not to appear lazy if you’re a writer. Most writing requires research, and good writing requires a lot of reading (beyond one’s own genre), so there are stretches of time where you produce nothing at all. You’re simply putting fuel in the tank.

When I’m focused on writing, little else gets done.  The house is messy, dishes pile up, I forget to thaw something out for dinner, and I’m plugging away on my laptop in the midst of the chaos when my husband returns from work. I’m sure the thought crosses his mind…”what has she been DOING all day?”

Um….editing…still. Slash and burn. I wrote 2,000 words this morning and cut 15,000 this afternoon!

That there’s no guarantee of a paycheck is something I struggle with at times, because as much as I want to finish this book for myself, I’d like to earn something for the effort. Writing a book isn’t easy, even though I’m sure it appears that way.

In two weeks I start a writing class which runs through the end of the year, and I’ll be elbow-deep in my manuscript as part of it. I have several sections that need fleshing out, and the class is designed to push novelists through those tough areas, so I’m excited to see how much progress I’ll make, and how the improvements will be reflected in my contest submission.

Since I’m in the middle of my novel, I haven’t thought too much about what’s next.

I don’t see myself as a prolific writer. I don’t have ideas waiting in the wings, but think I should have a new project in mind, or at least in the early stages of an outline when I’m done with this one.  Finishing the book should propel me forward.

I’ve toyed briefly with the idea of doing a nonfiction book about polyfidelity, but I’m not sure I could produce enough content. Maybe next year… I have enough on my plate right now.

Yes, I know the plate looks bare to everyone else, but my hands are full.



2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Work

    1. The HauteWife says:

      I use Grammarly too. Autocrit provides a different kind of analysis. My one issue with it is that some of the words it’s programmed to filter for (like generic modifiers) get counted even when they aren’t used in the context it thinks they are. For example, even in dialogue, it pulls “good” from a word like “goodnight” and counts it as an opportunity to improve. So there’s just a bit of Common Sense that the program lacks. Overall, though, it’s quite useful.


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