Mistakes as Blessings

It has taken me a few days, but I’ve finished re-editing my manuscript. And funny enough, coming at it a second time did me a world of good.

I found inspiration for areas of my novel I’ve struggled with. My ideas for supporting character storylines are now solidifying, and I found a few new ways to ratchet up the tension. Oh, and I slashed a good 15,000 words. (It’s like Stephen King said…”kill your darlings”).

I’m grateful for what deciding to submit to this competition is doing for me. I can embrace the fact that it’s still a very rough draft; I don’t expect anything to come from this submission. But this is where it starts. Getting the work out there. Facing critique and rejection. Rewriting, and rewriting, and honing my craft as I go.

I won’t lie. I’m sure rejection will hurt way more than I’m anticipating, but I’m hoping I can trust myself to use rejection wisely. I need to remind myself the important thing is to always fail forward.

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