Epic Fail

Last week, I received notification of an annual writing competition I’d been planning to submit to. I learned about the contest last year, but didn’t have enough on paper at that time to feel confident about a submission. So, I decided this year would be the year.

I spent all day last Friday editing a copy of my manuscript to send in. I was on such a roll, I didn’t go to bed until 3:45 Saturday morning. I kept writing on Saturday until around 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon, and I finished. In total, it was 260ish pages long.

I was in the process of copy-pasting a synopsis into the manuscript. I had several files open. I decided while I was at it, I wanted to change some file names, so I saved and closed a bunch of things, then did my renaming.

It was then I realized I’d just overwritten my manuscript with the one-page synopsis document. I had no back-ups and no earlier versions of the file in this format. (The original copy of the whole book – with all my pre-edit notes is still in Scrivener. Saturday would have been a dark day, if that wasn’t the case).

To say I felt like a total idiot would be a huge understatement. I really did want to kick my own ass. But, it was a day and a half lost, that’s all. I’ve WASTED a lot more time than that. And now I know what changes I want to make, so…yeah, I’m doing it all over.

I’m about half-way (again), and I saved a versioned copy, just in case.

At least I learn…



4 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Sean D. Layton says:

    Yes, I definitely recommend saving to the cloud as well just in case you get hit by ransomware and a hacker encrypts all the files on your hard drive. I’ve also had a hard drive die suddenly (pre-cloud), which would be a nightmare if that was the sole location for your files. Luckily, I had two drives installed and saved to the second as well.

    As far as Scrivener, it saves a backup copy, but you can also manually back up — I manually backup to DropBox.

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  2. Sean D. Layton says:

    Oh geez, total nightmare. Glad you still had an older copy.

    I’m so paranoid, I change the file name each day by adding the date in the name, so I end up with many copies. And I save it to DropBox and Google Drive as well just in case my PC crashes. When I work in Scrivener, I’ll copy the chapter and plug it into Word and then save it under the chapter name.


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