Relief In Sight

I just got home from my follow-up appointment, and a weight has been lifted. According to the doctor, everything points to being able to overcome the positional reflux issue. She wants me back on Prilosec for three months, tapering down the dose every four weeks. If I continue to have positional pain after completing the taper, then she’ll order further testing and determine next steps. But, she seemed very confident in my reaching full recovery. And I would certainly love the occasional mocha if that’s possible.

I’ll admit I’ve been anxious about this, and perhaps even a bit depressed. I’ve done really well sticking to a strict anti-reflux diet. I cut out a lot of things I enjoy, all at once. I think discovering the positional problem and having to limit my physical movement (even yoga) on top of that sent me into a bit of a spin. I know I’ve been whinier about this than I care to admit to…gotta keep working on acceptance, it seems.

For now, I have an action plan that will take me through to the end of the year. It’s a blessing the prescription covers the holidays when sticking to the diet could be more challenging. When I know what I need to do and the instructions make sense, I am a thoroughly compliant patient.

When too much seems uncertain, I get bent out of shape. It’s an unhealthy pattern, and I stay stuck in it far too long. My reactivity is problematic because life is uncertain. The lion’s share of managing our internal chaos (fear, anxiety, stress) is accepting that uncertainty.  I need to quiet the “monkey chatter” in my brain.

Looks like a good time to Om.


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