The Art of Living

Over the past few months, I’ve worked on becoming a more gregarious version of myself. Much of this stems from attention to those moments when I’ve felt most loved and connected, and lingering in that sweetness; recognizing why those moments fulfill me; and reminding myself that my choices shape my reality, and therefore, this world is kind and loving when I reach out to others with warmth and kindness.

I am driven by a new-found sense of urgency because I see how fleeting life is. It’s the most precious gift we possess, not to be squandered doing the safe or popular thing, but to be invested in doing what matters. So, if we don’t live each day to its fullest, we fail to achieve our most fundamental purpose.

I’ve realized the only way to feel whole, to know true satisfaction with life, is to push forward into uncertainty and fear. It’s true…we don’t grow where we’re comfortable.  Only when we set out to do what seems impossible do we discover our strength and courage.

I know I still allow my fear of others’ opinions to hold me back. I must remind myself to quantify that fear, to ask, what’s the worst that could happen? and thereby rob my fear of its power. I understand that if I want to live a life of consequence, I must embrace risk and be willing to fail at every turn.

We have no idea of the potential we may unleash when we challenge our preconceived limits. When we do what we feel ill-equipped to do, we are rewarded by our effort. We may be tempted to overlook the value of failure when we’re stinging from disappointment, but through the process we discover ourselves capable of more than we imagined.




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