At the End of Winter

It’s getting harder to endure the Minnesota winters.

In addition to clinical depression, I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Being at such a northern latitude, the daylight hours dwindle dramatically. Most years, I do okay through the end of December, when the days begin to get ‘longer.’ But by February, even with more daylight, I’m drowning. Everything takes so much effort. I’m edgy for no reason, less lovey, less patient. I’m tired and achy and want to stuff my face with cream cheese danish. And, I want to be left alone with a book and a blanket ’til Spring.

The day comes, usually around the first week or so of April, when I step outside and feel the sun on my skin, radiating deep into my bones. I take a breath, and suddenly the weight of winter lifts from my shoulders. I feel alive again. I think, that must be what it’s like to get out of prison…because it is a sort of release.

Right now, I’m reminding myself it’s only a few weeks away.


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