Fine Dining in Costa Rica

I’ve told everyone I’ve spoken with about Costa Rica that everything tastes so much better here, and it does. Everything is fresher. The fruit, the fish, the seafood. It’s such an experience I can’t not talk about it. Juicy pineapples, tangy mangoes, and papayas…mmm. It’s like my mouth died and went to Heaven. Well, my body, too…but we’re just talking food here…

One of my favorite restaurants, Villa Leonor, has a Tropical Chicken (Pollo Tropical) that has amazing flavor; pineapple, strawberry and mango chunks in their own sauce with a hint of salty umami…maybe just a teaspoon of soy or teriyaki, I’m not sure, but it is phenomenal. I almost came the very first bite I took. So, now I make sure we dine at this establishment at least once each time we visit this beautiful country.

Today for lunch, the three of us (this is the first time my boyfriend has accompanied my hubby and me on vacation) stopped at a place we’d not been before, called Fusion. Their menu included a Tropical Chicken dish, too; a different presentation from the meal at Leonor. Their version was a whole, grilled breast stuffed with cheese, strawberries, and basil served in a delightful strawberry sauce.

It was so delicious. I ooohed and ahhed, and evidently wore such an expression of bliss, my husband asked if I needed a few minutes alone with my lunch. I declined but joked I’d need a cigarette when I was finished. Suffice to say, it was a decadent dish, and Fusion has been added to our list of must-hit spots for future trips.

The owner(s) must be aware of the effect their dishes have and try to ensure diners a happy ending. At least, that’s my take, after viewing their cocktail menu. All I can say is that it’s a damn, damn shame I don’t drink…


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