I want to say a few things about the following poem. I think it’s important to state that the experiences of the narrator are real; that is, these things happened to me, and I know that far worse has befallen many of my sisters. So when I write in the language of anger I am, for lack of a better turn of phrase, trying to capture the voice of every woman.

I may not have succeeded on that point. I hope, at the very least, I open some eyes.


You think it’s some big joke, don’t you

This whole ‘male predator’ thing going ‘round

All the women crying “foul!”

No way no way all these bitches be telling truths

It’s all been consensual…


I was six when a grown man first touched my pussy

I was nine when another man tried; he did time

Another tried rubbing himself against me when I was fourteen

I’ve been stalked, groped, pinched, and intimidated by

Men who believe it’s their God-given right

To treat girls and women however the fuck they please


No thought at all beyond themselves

Say, aren’t some of you guys fathers?

Is this what you want for your little girl?

You want some horny creep breathing heavy on her face

As he sticks his fingers inside her panties?

Shall I spell it out in more detail?


I’ve finally had enough

Enough of the ass-grabbing, cat-calling, and mental undressing

Enough of having to carry mace to walk to my car

Enough of “Frigid Bitch” and “Filthy Whore”

I’ve been way too docile, for far too long


When a woman finds her power, and an angry woman will

She is an unholy reckoning

A rending of flesh and crushing of bone

So here I am, burning with purpose

and ready to unleash the fury of Hell


3 thoughts on “#MeToo

  1. Sean D. Layton says:

    Authentic and full of raw power. When I was young, I assumed these things were an aberration, deeds done by easily spotted degenerates, but over the years I’ve heard the stories of too many women I know well to realize it’s all too common. And it’s been all sorts of average men: the military pilot who was the family friend who raped a ten-year-old who he’d offered to babysit, the friendly co-worker who become too friendly, the boss who drugged an employee and had his way, the guy who tried to get my drunk sister into his bedroom at his party (but who found out the hard way I was her very pissed off brother). It’s going to be an ongoing battle.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sean D. Layton says:

        Thanks, I was just glad I was there. I’m a peaceable person and not built for brawling, but injustice and people being taken advantage of unleashes my inner grizzly bear and when I hear these stories it just generates a helpless rage.


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