Locus of Control

One of the challenges I’ve had with organized religion, and I would say any number of New Age rituals and practices, is the reliance on external sources of power. I can’t explain why, but my mind continually resists the idea that objects and symbols (colors or crystals or crosses or ankhs) in and of themselves possess any power whatsoever. They are simply constructs. Just as our own individual concept of God (Gaia, Allah, Great Spirit, etc) is a construct. It is only the power of a person’s belief that imbues such constructs with meaning. And as we are flawed beings, sometimes what we believe is flawed, too.

I’m not denying the existence of the Divine. Far from it. I’m only suggesting our understanding of its nature is – by virtue of our limitations as physical beings – incomplete, and therefore, inaccurate.

For if belief is the true source of our power, then the ability to change our situation and circumstance – no matter how overwheming or dire – always resides with us. The Locus of Power and Control is thus internal, not external. From this perspective, we can begin to see how our Creator (whomever and whatever we believe that to be) is in every respect a part of us, and vice versa.

Perhaps at this point, we start to grasp the weight and significance of our thoughts, our words, and our actions. We start to understand how important even a small choice might be. If the power to create change – good or bad – lies with us…how differently might we live?


What do you believe?


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