Poly Date Night

I don’t know if it’s typical for poly throuples to go out as a threesome. From the little I’ve read, it appears that the people who are the ‘ends’ of ‘V’ arrangements don’t know or don’t care to know the other in many cases. I am extraordinarily blessed that my husband and boyfriend have chosen to become friends. (I am graced by their camaraderie, and I have the joy of watching them celebrate their shared interests.) So, when our schedules align with kinky events, we try to go together. This past week, we went to HumpFest 2017.

It was my husband’s and my first Hump. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these amateur films. Some were campy, and some were artsy. There was straight sex, gay sex, solo sex and group sex, furry sex and bloody sex, tango sex, yoga sex, and sky-diving sex (yes, REALLY).

It was tender and sexy, goofy, sloppy, intense, playful, soft, hard, and pretty much everything in between. All in all, a fun celebration of human sexuality, and an eye (and mind) opening experience.

Despite the differences in how desire was expressed across these films, one common thread held them together: every act of sex in these films was performed with immense love. In this way, these films felt different from “typical” porn. I could see the passion these people have for one another. Even when a specific kink pushed my ‘squick’ button, I could still appreciate it as something that turned others on. My revulsion wasn’t a source of judgment. Instead, it made me feel more accepting of people’s differences because it brought me back to myself, and my own unconventional romantic life.

My men are my passion, just as I am theirs, and what we share draws out that passion in each of us, not just for sex, but for life…a hunger for authenticity, joy, and personal growth. Not everyone could flourish in our situation, but we do. How could I possibly deny another person that which sets their soul on fire? I would have to deny my own.

So here’s to Date Night…however we all may spend it, may it let us feel alive!


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