Such a Knotty Girl

This week, my hubby and I “branched out” and participated in a rope bondage workshop. Actually, our first bondage workshop was several years ago, when Midori was in the Twin Cities. But, without practice the knowledge we’d gained evaporated. This latest workshop was an opportunity to see if rope bondage might be something we’d really enjoy.

A few attendees were running late due to traffic, so the instructor spent the time teaching those of us present some ‘bonus material.’ One of these ties is called Quick Cuffs, and with a few follow-on knots, forms a restraint that is virtually inescapable. To my delight, my hubby volunteered for the demo.

The instructor formed the cuffs and placed them around my hubby’s wrists. He snugged the cuffs and knotted them, and then added a surgeon’s knot beneath it. He then split the tails and wrapped them around my hubby’s waist, securing it behind his back. As I saw how the configuration caused any struggle on my hubby’s part to tighten the knots, some impish creature crawled out from the dark recesses of my brain and did a jump for joy.

Well, hello, inner sadist…damn glad to meet ya!

I’ve only just begun to play with rope, and I’m already feeling the heady effects of my love for this kink. It is intensely intimate, steeped in control and surrender. It’s dramatic and sedate, playful and grounding, artistic and logical, and it allows for lots of predicament-related fun. I find myself feeling devious, mischievous, and more than a little revved-up.

Oh, this kink is pushing lots of my happy buttons.

Now, to enhance the drama and aesthetic of rope, a wardrobe with flair is a must. But what is de rigeur for a rigger? I think latex, PVC, and a variety of vampy and fiendish accessories will be a good place to start.

By the way, I’m discovering I REALLY love latex, too…

I think my hubby, my boyfriend, and I are in for a lot of fun.

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