Primeval Beauty

Late Wednesday night, my hubby and I arrived home from a 10-day vacation in Costa Rica. I’ve gone there only twice now, but I embrace the idea of much longer stays. Despite a lack of internet and a half-day without running water where we were staying, I have come to consider Costa Rica my “home away from home”. I feel very connected to the country, in a way that is challenging to explain. My attraction to this place defies my own logic: for a suburbanite, it is far more rustic and wild than my tastes are inclined – for example, encountering grasshoppers and praying mantis as long as my hands. Yet, I felt so sad at leaving, my eyes teared up on the prop-plane ride back to San Jose.
Perhaps the best way to explain my affinity for Costa Rica is to share what it inspires in me.

San Buenaventura, Day 1

I stood outside this afternoon, amid the clouds and rain, in the middle of a rainforest. I closed my eyes and stretched out my arms as the cool water showered me. The idea to strip naked crossed my mind, but seemed unnecessary; my clothes were already soaked. In the midst of the cloudburst, I was cleansed and restored: a primordial rebirth of mind and spirit. A feeling of connection with everything and everyone flowed through me, so powerful yet so sublime. A moment of perfect peace, and perfect joy at the gift of being alive.


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