It is plucking the luminous seed

from within the shell of your pain;

Every arrow and rock and fist, each hurt across the years

Every word that ever cut you,

Every loss that you’ve endured

And choosing, not despite, but because of it all

To be happy and content with life.

Without conditions.

It is the beginning.


Having found peace with life,

You entertain peace with yourself.

You find compassion, and forgive yourself your mistakes and sins.

You realize you’ve done your best with the knowledge and tools

Available to you at the time.

And as you let go of the guilt and shame that have burdened you,

Hardened you,

You begin to see others with greater compassion.

You realize we all do our best.

We all hurt others out of our own pain and blindness.

We walked in ignorance.

And now we are ready to forgive, freely.

And the burden of anger, the burden of resentment, lifts.

And we are even freer.


The tectonic plates in our minds shift.

We embrace the whole of the world with unconditional acceptance and love

War, crime, hatred, while saddening our hearts, do not stir up anger.

Instead, we love even deeper.

We are moved to live as love; to speak it, to give it, to show it, to share it,

This purpose, singular and clear.

We are here to love one another, lift one another up, to help, in all ways

Possible to us.


And now we begin to grasp the path of our lives even more clearly.

The flaws and challenges, the battles that shaped us,

Have yielded fruits of a particular flavor.

Gifts. Talents. Passions.

Our eyes open to the ways in which we heal the world,

By healing others.

By being ourselves.


Again love magnifies.

We observe our world with even greater tenderness.

No harm, no harm, will I do to thee.

I will not slander or pollute with words or actions.

I will not hate. I will not judge.

I will tend to this world and my body, honoring them equally,

Treating all with compassionate care,

As all are Divine and sacred. Precious beings.

Sleeping children.


Time to wake up, children.

Time to rise and shine.


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