At Long Last

I am so glad that I waited…so glad I took all the time I did to find a bull. As frustrating as the search may have been at times, it was well worth the effort to do right.

This past Tuesday, I arranged a date with my bull and my husband. The three of us met for lunch, enjoyed a great meal and casual conversation. I sat next to my bull, across from my hubby. Every so often I brushed my thigh against his, and his hand reached over and caressed me. The subtle tease was delicious.

When we arrived back at the house, my lover swept me back against the wall and began kissing me passionately. His body pressed against mine; I could feel how turned on he was, and it fed my own hunger. We kissed a while longer before heading to the bedroom. Along the way, I turned to him in front of my hubby and asked, “do you think he deserves to watch his wife be fucked by a real man?” My bull smiled at me mischievously. “Hell, yes.”

I told my hubby he could follow us into the bedroom. My bull and I began kissing again and he guided me to the bed as we undressed. My husband looked on as we played; his first opportunity to appreciate my bull’s incredible stamina.

After we finished and my bull was getting dressed, he shared with me that he was looking forward to our next rendezvous, and he was eager to have my husband more directly involved. Music to my ears. I can’t wait for our next adventure.



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