New Adventures

Considering the unconventional nature of being in a sissy cuckold marriage, I should not be surprised by the choices I make when it comes to sex and romance. I’ve commented before on being an ‘outlier’, and in choosing a new lover to be our bull, I remain steadfast and true to form.

While I’ve not had extensive experience in this lifestyle, the situations I have encountered were enlightening; leaving me with a clearer sense of what I do and don’t want. Oddly enough, those things I’m most concerned with have very little to do with sex.

That’s not to say that sex is just an afterthought. It isn’t. But, given good chemistry, it is less likely to be a source of frustration – for me, anyway – than things I consider far more fundamental.

I’ve been with experienced bulls who have zero sensitivity for the wants and needs of others, where the play is reduced to a transaction and once it’s over, they are out the door.

Never again.

When my new lover (the younger man who almost melted my thighs a few weeks ago) left the other day, he stopped in the doorway, walked back inside the house and kissed me. He didn’t have time to waste. He was already running late for work, but he chose to leave on an affectionate note. That choice made all the difference. It spoke volumes about the way I can expect to be treated by him, and the way I can expect him to treat my sweet little cuck.

Incredibly hot sex….check.





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