I See You Shiver With Antici…pation

Sensual desire is a unique neuropsychological cocktail; a veritable drug, consisting – metaphorically – of equal parts bliss and torment.

There is something insanely sweet about carnal yearning. It is a high, in its own right, that is as much cerebral as it is physical; a high so powerful, it can be passed from one person to another with something as simple a glance, or a whisper, or touch. As when my lover’s hardened cock presses against me through his jeans; the sudden awareness of his longing sends my own neurons firing in every direction. My mind buzzes and my body aches… I experience a literal contact high.

I find it amazing the ways that desire, or arousal, can be played with and manipulated; the variety of emotions and mental states that can enhance that full-body buzz.

Take a shy, reserved, “proper” woman to a play party, undress her and restrain her against a wall. Now, whisper in her ear that you are going to make her come in front of everyone like the dirty slut she is. The anticipation of what is about to be done to her is even more potent than the doing. As her mind flashes forward to images of helpless abandon, of shameful erotic display, of losing control of her own body…

Is it just me, or is it getting warm in here?

The Science of Pleasure: Part III – The Neurological Orgasm

Understanding Sex and the Brain

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