Next Stop: Cougar Town?

I recently went on a coffee date with a younger man…more than 10 years my junior (yikes!), and I’ve been surprised by my level of interest in him. I’ve always been attracted to older men, for a variety of reasons (though I fell in love with and married a marginally younger one…). But, this young man has experience with cuckold, and he expresses himself rather maturely. And he’s cute. So, I’m intrigued.

It didn’t hurt that at the end of our date he walked me to my car, and asked if I would like to kiss (I appreciated the lack of presumption on his part). I told him, ‘yes’, and yet the kiss still managed to catch me off guard. Like Annie Potts said in Pretty in Pink, “my thighs went up in flames”.

Not that there’s anything wrong with having a boy toy at my age (sheesh…”at my age”…I’m not even 50, yet), but it does feel a tiny bit surreal. What is even more fantastic, when I shared my interest in this younger man with my husband and my lover, they both told me that it was really hot, and cheered, “you go, girl!”

How awesome is that?

So, I guess I might have to get used to the term ‘cougar’ in addition to hot-wife and slut.

Poor, poor me!!



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