…Some Men Are Dicks

I just have to put this out there: men can be the most petty, childish assholes when they experience rejection, even when you try to be kind and straightforward about it.

When someone approaches me and I am not interested in them, I strive to treat them with respect, which is a far greater courtesy than I receive in return. Men whose invitations I decline because they lack any understanding of the psychological aspect of cuckold accuse me of not knowing what I want, when the exact opposite is true; I know EXACTLY what I’m looking for, and they are not it.

When I have to insist (repeatedly, mind you) to someone that they are not a good match for me, (whether or not I take the time to explain why), they choose to hurl insults at me or accuse me of being a picky, hard-headed bitch.

I’ve been called wishy-washy, a pathetic snowflake, a harpy, and a cunt.

I am picky, because I’m not going to settle for anything less than what I want. I am certainly not going to settle for someone who resorts to verbal abuse because their ego feels threatened.

Being a strong, intelligent woman, and standing my ground is a far cry from being a bitch. Trust me; I CAN be a bitch. I am quite capable of emasculating or otherwise injuring someone with my words, but I choose not to.

For those who don’t deserve the respect and courtesy I extend, know this: I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for the men who know how to respond to the word, “no” with grace and aplomb; because they’re the ones I’m interested in, anyway.


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