Haute Sex and…Deadpool

Every once in a while, something happens that sours my mood. Perhaps during the course of the day, I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. Or, perhaps a situation or event left me feeling frustrated, confused, or disappointed. When this happens, oddly enough, I frequently find that I turn to kink or sex as a means of coping with the negative emotions.

There are times when my reaction is more masochistic or passive; I crave to be spanked and/or fucked. The physical pain and sensation of being roughly used absorbs the negative energy, leaving me tired, relaxed, even sleepy. And, there are times when my reaction is more aggressive; I need to be the one “in charge”…to exorcise the emotion through action.

Last night was an aggressive night. Shortly after we arrived home from an event, I told my husband I was in the mood to fuck him silly. I marched to the bedroom closet, and came back out with my strap-on, harness, and lube.

My husband flashed me a smile, and laughed as I set my equipment on the bed. He’s become familiar with my coping methods, and remarked that it reminded him of the “hate-fucking” scene from Deadpool. For the benefit of readers unfamiliar with the movie, the following meme should bring you up to speed:


We had a good chuckle over the reference, and after a little foreplay, I suited up and proceeded to make good on my promise.

It’s important at this point to make note of the fact that I’m almost a year older than my husband. As I lifted my hubby’s hips and rested his ankles over my shoulders, I was struck by a thought that I couldn’t shake, and I began to giggle. My husband looked up at me curiously, and with a bit of effort I was finally able to reveal what was so damned funny.

I said, “I guess this makes me the older, more disgusting avocado.”

Fucked silly, indeed!




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