Get Your Purr Face On

If you’re a cat lover, you know what a Purr Face looks like. You know that look of total contentment a kitty gets; the closed eyes (or distant hazy gaze), the slightest hint of a smile, especially if they’re kneading away on a fuzzy blanket or your favorite sweater. All the while, that low, rhythmic motor-like sound emanating from their throats is so loud you have to turn the volume up on the TV.

I’ve been recently (okay, it’s been a few weeks, but who’s keeping track?) informed that I have an unmistakable Purr Face.

It shows up when my lover cups my ass and whispers something dirty in my ear when we’re out, or when, after a sound spanking, he caresses my collar bones with the back of his hand.

It shows up when I hold my sissy in my arms at night, with her head resting on my chest, or when she shudders and moans when I’m taking her with my strap-on.

It shows up when, despite the frustrations I’ve voiced lately about my search for a bull to complete ‘the picture’, I realize that I have so much to be Purr Faced about; how much is fantastic – and even a bit magical – about my life, and the people closest to me.

Yeah…life is way too extraordinary not to get your Purr Face on!!

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