04-06-17: Hautewife Vocabulary


noun: outlier; plural noun: outliers
“less accessible islands and outliers”
  • a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set.

  • a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.
In virtually every way that matters, my pet and I are outliers in the sphere of kinkdom known as cuckold. My pet is both a cuckold and a sissy. Most sissies aren’t cuckolds, and most cuckolds aren’t sissies. Our relationship involves my feminization of my pet, and her ongoing transformation into a lady. So, our dynamic is inherently more complex, more unique.

My lover is an outlier as well. Though, by virtue of my sexual relationship with him, he is technically a “bull”, our interactions do not occur in direct view of my husband. As such, there is no involvement of my pet in the act of sexual play, so a critical aspect of the cuckold dynamic goes unfulfilled.
I am an outlier as a cuckoldress/hotwife in terms of my sexual desires. I’m not interested in NSA encounters. I don’t want sex with just anyone for the sake of having sex. I require an intellectual connection (if not an emotional one) with another person to want to be physically intimate with them. (I’d probably be better described as polyamorous than hotwifey, but I’d be on the fringes of conventional polyamory at best). This last point might not prove to be as challenging as one might think, except for two additional points:
  • I am not wired socially the way most people are (I’m NeuroAtypical)
Neuroatypical refers to people whose neurological structure or function doesn’t fit what the medical community defines as “normal”
  • My IQ falls within the top 10% of the population (intellectually, the percentage of people I feel I can comfortably relate to is small)
In the two months since my pet and I decided to move forward in this arrangement, I’ve voiced a fair amount of frustration with various aspects of my search for a bull.
  • Men who don’t even remotely meet the requirements I’ve spelled out (age, experience, appearance) message me to tell me they’re exactly what I’m looking for. (Did you not READ my profile? Did you think I was joking? Here’s your sign….)
  • The majority of men who advertise as bulls are straight; the very thought of physical contact with another man, (unless it is incidental to something like DP or DV, of course), squicks them out





verb: squick; 3rd person present: squicks; gerund or present participle: squicking; past tense: squicked; past participle: squicked

  1. cause (someone) to feel intense disgust.

    “we get that bodily fluids can squick people out

  • Of those who are not squicked (or who identify as bisexual), many are still far too aggressively ‘Dommish’ for my taste (No, I really don’t want to choke on your cock. Or call you ‘Sir’. Buh-bye)
  • Of those who are either non-squicked or bisexual, and not aggressive, many are not intellectually stimulating. At all. Not even in text. (Yes, I am a grammar and spelling queen…you should at least be able to get those two things right)

I am telling myself to try to find the humor in the situation, because….well, in a way, it is almost so funny as to be sad. When it comes right down to it, I am searching for a needle in a haystack, and not just any needle, a very specialized one, that only takes a special kind of thread…

Yeah….this search is going to take a while.



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