Do It Yourself…Boudoir

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am looking at a few professional photographers to do a boudoir shoot. I’ve reviewed over a half-dozen, many of which offer professional make-up and hair styling, some with additional consultation or shopping services, and most that offer a variety of packaged and a-la-carte product purchase options.

The bottom line: total investment between the photo session and their minimum product package ranges from $1,000 – $2,500, and your rights to the images you purchase are very limited.

So, my pet and I decided to experiment a little, and did a little boudoir session of our own. Total investment….$0!

We took a total of 75 pictures with my pet’s phone. Out of that there were about five good ones. I was surprised to have that many turn out on our first try, and am planning a follow-up session based on what I learned:

Bright, natural light works best, but it washes you out, so…

  • Eyeshadow and blush need to be applied more heavily than you think
  • False lashes are a good idea as well
  • Use bronzer and highlight powder to accentuate the contours of your face (heavier application with these is recommended, too)
  • Consider using a little baby oil on your arms and legs to give them a healthy glow

Posing is critical to a great shot…

  • Some poses may feel exaggerated, and be uncomfortable, but the results speak for themselves
  • Pinterest actually has good posing ideas for photographs. I’ve saved several ‘tutorials’ to my DIY Boudoir Photography board
  • Smile, smile, smile
  • Take several photos from multiple angles for each pose

Consider using a standing fan for windblown hair

Imaginative cropping can turn a ‘meh’ photo into a fantastic one

Most important of all….HAVE FUN!




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