My Girl

Amy and I have been talking regularly about her feminization; her goals, her desires in terms of style, and areas where she can further enhance her femme persona. We’ve added practice sessions for walking in heels, are starting to explore voice training, and she’s now practicing putting on her makeup every week. Given the aspects of our day-to-day life that require discretion, I’m very pleased with the progress we’re making, and the amount of work she is doing. I’m even more pleased to know now that the style she likes best – and wants to create for herself – is Pin-Up.

I happen to adore the Pin-Up look, myself. I love the slinky wiggle dresses and pencil skirts, the seamed stockings, fancy gloves, and cat-eye sunglasses. I love the scarlet lipstick and bedroom eyes, and the hourglass figure that is the hallmark of Pin-Up. It’s classic, sensual, flirty and fun.

It’s also a style that will be forgiving of Amy’s height and broad shoulders; breast forms and hip/fanny-shapers will give her feminine curves that are in good proportion to her stature. I have to admit, I’m a wee bit jealous of how fabulous her legs look when she’s dressed up. When she puts on her 4″ stilettos and a miniskirt, they look like they go all the way up! *tsk* 

To help my sweet Amy look and feel her best every day, whether she is dressed in her masculine ‘street clothes’, or primped and posh in a corset and stockings, I’ve decided she should follow a lady’s beauty regimen. She already has beautiful, young-looking skin (and she tans instead of freckles…lucky gurl!) and I want her to take good care of it; so there are facials, sea-salt scrubs, and all assortment of cremes and moisturizers in her immediate future.

Oh, I feel a Spa Day coming on….




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