Spring Cleaning

The other morning I managed to get on a big cleaning kick. It happens a few times a year (spring and fall, in particular); I get the bug and just have to straighten and scour the whole house.

As part of my cleaning quest, I decided to reorganize our bedroom closet. My pet had put a lot of her things in storage some time back, and now that winter-wear was going back into boxes, I thought it would be a good idea to bring her nice things back out. As I was pulling things out of the storage bins, I realized that my pet has WAY more lingerie than I do.

What is up with that?

When I worked at Victoria’s Secret some 20-odd years ago, I accumulated an appreciable assortment of pretty things. It didn’t hurt that in the 90s, lingerie styles were decidedly more feminine…soft profiles, silky fabrics, delicate laces. There are still a few lines that VS makes that are nice, but the vast majority now are so sporty they just don’t ‘do it’ for me. And 20 years ago is…well, 20 years ago. I just haven’t invested in much lingerie since then, so I think it’s time for a change.

With Vicky’s not being as much to my liking as it once was, I’ve broadened my search for fancy underthings, and have found a few online purveyors I like:

I came across one that has a nice range of options that are quite reasonably priced – Yandy.com – and found a few things that have since made their way onto my shopping list:


There are also a few intimates designers that I’m rather fond of that are a bit more pricey, but I think would be worth the investment. One of the designers is Flora Nikrooz. (Flora-Nikrooz.com) I bought my pet a Flora Nikrooz set some time ago, for goodness’ sake. I should have my own, don’t you think? So, I perused the latest collection and found a few cute must-haves.


And, finally, a lovely gown from Natori (Natori.com). This one is going straight to the top of the list.



Spring Cleaning is fun, I tell you. I must do this more often!!

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