Girls, Girls, Girls

A few nights ago, my husband Amy and I had a very good talk. Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending time with my lover and going on first dates, and I’d not been sharing any of the details with her. So, when she read my blog post about shoe shopping, she felt a bit sad. Here, I’d had this wonderful, sexy adventure…and she only learns the details by reading my blog.

To say I felt like a schmuck right then, would be a huge understatement.

Amy explained to me how excited she is for me to be going out, to see me feeling sexy and desired, to know I am feeding my intense hunger and yearnings. She wants to see the fire and excitement in my eyes as I recount a glance, a touch, a whisper. She wants me to confide in her all the dirty little secrets that girls will only tell other girls.

And it finally started to click in my mind. In that moment, I think I actually began to appreciate Amy for who she is.

When I crawled into bed later that evening and Amy cuddled against me, I had every intention of falling asleep. But as we lay together, and my hand gently caressed her ass, I found myself suddenly quite awake. I kissed Amy and sucked on her nipple as my fingers trailed between her cheeks. As I slid a finger into her pussy she moaned, and my pulse raced. I called her a dirty little whore, a sissy slut, and her pussy clenched tighter on my finger. I became so turned on I swung my hips around so she could slide her fingers inside me. I was so wet, I could hear the slurping as her fingers drove into me, and mine into her.

After tormenting her with my finger for several minutes, I told Amy she could play with her clit. As she neared orgasm, I began driving harder into her, and started to caress her balls. Her whole body shook and she moaned as she came, squirting onto her stomach and chest. My own pussy was still wet and wanting, but I wanted to savor this moment with my sweet pet.

My head buzzed with a new high: having a girlfriend is so fucking hot.


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