Whisper to me and delight me with your laugh

Let the candles burn low, the sheen of sweat revealed in amber glow

A fusion of melted wax and smoke, fumbling hands and tiny buttons

Fill me with your voice and stories of a world beyond

Suspend me here, in this half-life; the span of an age

Where, in the dusk, we reveal our true form

King or pawn, servant or master, man or animal

Grunting and groaning, alike

If we are to be fools in Fortune’s masquerade

Let the guise of day slip away with the sun,

And fuck

Yes, like a dog, if that’s your nature

There is no moral value to decorum

Entice me with a taste of your needful flesh,

Let your desires rend truth to the light-haunted world

Bear me to my knees with the weight of your hunger

Then feed me every lie that you please


© 2017 Hautewifeblog

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