Naughty or Nice?

I recently ransacked my closet in search of some fun, night-out options. While I’ve held onto a few key pieces over the years, (I’m soooo glad I never got rid of my leather corset) most of my wardrobe consists of career-wear. My one Little Black Dress (LBD), for example, would suit a Mother’s Day dinner at a fancy restaurant…or a funeral.


So I’m trying out a new online retailer – new to me, anyway. Lots of cute dresses for every occasion, and the prices are very reasonable. Not sure yet about the quality…that remains to be seen, but I thought it would be worth a try. So, I’ve ordered two for upcoming date nights. Now I just need to choose which to wear first…

Naughty? (Panties? What panties?)


or Nice?1550874_248386


Choices, choices, choices….



2 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice?

  1. TCGuy says:

    I think you’re very attractive and have a great body (I wrote you last month on a place online about the appropriate self-description of your body that you should use somewhere else online).

    You’ll look incredible in both and both are sexy dresses. I don’t see much distinction between them that way. I’d love to see you in both of them, so in my interest I want to see photos of you wearing both, front, back, and side views! Post them somewhere, please…

    Back on topic:

    I think the backless one conveys a slightly stronger message about having an interest in getting sexual on that occasion–that’s how I’d interpret it if I met a woman on a date wearing that. But you can simply signal that interest or non-interest wearing either one with your behavior and comments simply enough either way so it’s not a super-strong signal. In both cases, I’d be very pleased to see a date for any sort of potential connection dressed like that visually–dressed in a sexy way that shows off her great figure– and psychologically how that is comment on: 1. her confidence 2. her desire to present herself in a way that is self-consciously enticing, seductive, and pleasing to a man 3. that presents herself as forthrightly sexual 4. the seriousness and degree of interest she has in meeting me and pursuing a sexual connection; I’d feel extremely complimented and privileged to have a date who is very attractive with a very sexy figure dress like that for a first meeting with me 5. that she’s very serious about making a sexual connection with someone, whether it works out with me or not. You’ll come across like you mean business.

    With either one, your date will be very sexually interested, filled with lust you, checking you out, and feeling flattered and lucky as hell.

    As your cuck partner watching you dressed like that with another man or going out to meet another man , I’d feel insecure, inferior, worried that you could have any guy you wanted and that every guy would want you, be reminded that you want and need a superior, alpha-bull and would never dress like that for me, be reminded of how superior you are sexually and physically compared to me–way, way out of my league, and certain that you would get exactly what you want from a man that night and that you were ready to do whatever the man you chose wanted you to do to please him.

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