My cucky little pet did a very bad thing on Saturday.

One of my basic expectations is that she keep her body clean-shaven for me. While I was away during the early afternoon, she Nair’d her legs…and left the cream on too long, causing chemical burns around her groin.

During the time between my dates, Amy was in so much discomfort she had broken out in a cold sweat. Minutes before we needed to leave, the additional stress of her cage had her nearly vomiting. Being the loving Mistress I am, I unlocked her cage, and allowed her to change into boxer briefs (and am permitting her to continue wearing them while the burn heals). But she has earned punishment for her negligence, and the problems it caused.

  • In her carelessness, she damaged my property.
  • The damage has her out of chastity, and out of the silky panties she is required to wear.
  • The last-minute, emergency unlock caused me to forget my cell phone when we left for my date.
  • To permit healing, she has not received her scheduled weekly punishment, further inconveniencing me.

Each day I need to wait for her skin to heal, her punishment grows more severe. For her sake, I hope she’s fit enough to receive her welts tonight. Any later, and I doubt she’ll be able to sit for a week.

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