1 Date, 2 Dates, 3 Dates, 4…

Yesterday, I spent a few hours in the afternoon with a dear friend (top & lover). We’re going to attend a BDSM play party in a few weeks, and since we are newly interacting once more (we’ve been platonic friends for the past seven years, and there is a very long story behind it that I won’t get into here), we wanted to have a few opportunities in advance of the party to decide what we want in our scene.

I brought some new toys; a short slapper-style riding crop and a rattan flogger. Both of which were immense fun, and which left me with some delightful “ooh” bruises I feel whenever I sit.

The afternoon sped by way too quickly. At 4:30 I was back in my car, driving home to have dinner with my husband before my first date with a prospect from OKC. After a quick meal, I freshened my make-up, changed clothes, and had my husband drive me to the pub in South Minneapolis to meet my date.

My husband dropped me off at the door to find a parking spot, and I met my date just inside. The two of us found a booth at the far end of the pub. My husband found a seat at the bar, out of sight.

My date and I talked for about two hours. He’s handsome, articulate, and has similar attitudes about love, marriage, kink and spirituality, which I find very appealing. He’s married and has two other long-term relationships with women in cities he travels to for work. He is still in discovery mode in the realm of BDSM…open-minded and curious, but has been with a cuckold couple before. That said, there are nuances unique to every couple, so he had many questions about our relationship (which was a very good sign to me!)

Our conversation danced around a bit, but I felt we covered a lot of ground for our first meeting. We established that we are both sober-minded, responsible people who don’t take unnecessary risks. We care deeply about the people in our lives and are interested in meeting others – as friends or lovers – who have a similar zest for life, love and experience. We view dominance as a service orientation as opposed to authoritarianism. We need intellectual connection and stimulation for relationships to be satisfying and worthwhile.

At the end of our date, we swung by the bar, and I let my husband know I was ready to head home. While he paid his tab, my date and I stepped outside for a goodnight kiss. He had wonderfully warm, soft lips. I’m looking forward to kissing them again.

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