Searchlight in the Sky

My search for a dominant bull has been going on now for about two weeks. On OKCupid I’ve gone through at least a dozen profile revisions. I admit I started out in a rather bitch mode, in anticipation of all the hook-up messages, which roll in still every day. I’ve managed now to respond to about 600 match questions, so I’ve come across several candidates of 90% or higher, and about five or six of them have been bulls for a cuckold couple before.

I find myself more drawn to those already in a primary relationship, as it would avoid issues of a partner wanting me to satisfy primary needs for them. It feels simpler, and perhaps makes it easier for friendship to develop among all three of us. That is one of my hopes, anyway.

I find myself looking forward to non-sexual activities; being taken out dancing and learning to tango…in many ways far more than the sex itself. I see it almost as a branching out of self. Enjoying new experiences with a sense of freedom and ease. I can leave the anxieties of dating where they belong; in the distant past. I am married to the man I love most in this world. I am doing what I love: writing. My life is full. And if I can have fun and pleasure with others who want fun and pleasure with me in addition, then I have icing on the cake.

I am ready for my life to include more adventure.

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